Medical Escorts and Patient Transportation in Winnipeg, Canada, and the US

Medi-Van Transportation Specialists Inc. understands that the need for a medical escort, stretcher service, or patient transportation extends beyond Winnipeg, where we are based – which is why we offer these services all over Canada and the United States. No matter where you need to go, Medi-Van Transportation can get you to the doctor or to a different hospital while supporting you with the attentive care that is specialized for your needs. We truly believe that despite whatever stressful circumstances you may be in with your health, moving between medical facilities, requiring a stretcher for transportation, or getting to an appointment should not be a struggle. We are able to transport you anywhere in Canada and the United States, including the far North, Alaska, and Hawaii. Nowhere is too far to go. Our experienced stretcher attendants support you whether the distance is long or short. For medical transportation service you can depend on, look no further than Medi-Van Transportation Specialists.

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